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Installation Process

Wallcrete Installation Process
Stage 1 - Consultation and Confirmation
  • One of our surveyors will visit you at your home at a time that is convienient for you. They will discuss with you, your prefered designs and colours and offer you friendly experienced advice on how to maxamise the aesthetics and practicality of your future Wallcrete installation.

  • If you are unfamiliar with the processes involved our surveyor will go through they key points of the installation which may effect you during the pattern imprinted wall installation.

Stage 2 -Setting a Start Date
  • When you are satisfied with your choice of design and colours, contact us at Paul O'Flynn Pattern Imprinted Concrete and relevant paperwork will be completed. We will then agree on a date in which the installation process will begin.

  • Weather is a major factor with Wallcrete (unless the installation is being carried out indoors). The installation process depends greatly on what the Irish weather throws at us. When the agreed installation date approaches, we will reconfirm the starting date. Sometimes this start date maybe pushed back due to the weather forcast and this will be discussed closer to the start date.

Stage 3 -Job Site Preparation
  • Most walls being treated with wallcrete are standard block walls - these may require power hosing to remove dust/dirt and an application of moss killer if moss is present. This will determined by us on the day of installation.

  • If painted the wall maybe treated with other chemicals to remove the surplus paint.

  • Once the wall is cleaned sufficiently, it is ready to be primed and coated with the wallcrete render.

  • It is important that the wall is throughly cleaned prior to rendering so If the cleaning process takes longer than planned, we will need to complete it the next day (weather dependent of course).

Stage 4 -Wallcrete Installation
  • The process involved in wallcrete installation is similar to that of plastering methods, hence the application time involved are similar.

  • During this first hour we will prepare our equipment, protect walls, windows, doors, ground level and any other areas which need protection from render.

  • The render is hand mixed on site with the addition of a base colour of your choice added. The render is strengthened by various compounds at the mixing stage which greatly increases its hardness and durability when cured.

  • The wall is treated with a bonding compound prior to rendering.

  • The render is then applied at a predetermined thickness depending on your choice of mat design.

  • While the render is still suitably wet, a liquid release agent is applied to both the wall and mat. The wall is then systematically printed with the texture mats (your choice of wallcrete design).

  • Once printing is completed, the printed render is then allowed to dry. Any alterations are also carried out at this stage.

  • We will generally close off the area and allow the render to dry for a further 12 hours. Again in winter months this time period may be extended.

Stage 5 -Removal of Burrs & Staining
  • On return the next day, any obvious burrs from the printing process will be removed. The imprinted render is then stained with specific pre choosen colours and repeated until the desired shades are achieved (the staining process usually takes a few hours).

  • Once staining is complete all installation tools and materials will be removed from your site and the area will be cleaned.

Stage 6 -Sealing
  • Sealing of the imprinted wall is weather dependent and is carried out only when the wall is completely dry. Once sealed, this will enrich the staining colour and protect the render from the harsh elements of the Irish weather.


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