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Imprinted Concrete Vs Brick


All brick driveways look good when first installed,. Sadly over half of all brick driveways do not retain these looks for long. Some examples of common issues with brick driveways can be seen below - we all have seen them at some stage.

Brick loosens due to a variety of reasons. It also gathers moss and provides a natural environment for weed growth between pavers. Irish weather conditions further potentiates these problems.

Advantages of Pattern Imprinted Concrete
  • The concrete is poured in large slabs which results in no weeds/moss, no loose bricks .

  • It is quicker to lay down than other paving methods

  • Stains can be easily washed away or treated

  • Imprinted concrete has been developed for over 30 years for all types of weather conditions

  • Pattern imprinted concrete will not fade over time. This is due to a polymer type sealer protecting it from the elements and the UV resistance incorporated in the colour and sealer

  • Maintenance free for up to 4-6 years, depending on the amount of traffic which it is subjected to

  • Adds value to your home and property

  • Large choice of colours and patterns available

  • Can be strengthened to take heavy traffic

  • Imprinted Concrete can be used to replicate standard brick driveways

Disadvantages of Imprinted Concrete?

The only real honest disadvantage of Pattern Imprinted Concrete is when the installment is not carried out correctly by inexperienced installers. This can lead to issues with the quaility outlined here...There are no short cuts that can be taken when it comes to imprinted concrete. It is either done correctly or incorrecly. Steps can be skipped resulting in a compromised job long term. We at Sublime Landscaping guarantee that we take great pride in our work and install each imprinted concrete project to the highest degree of standards every time.



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